Living Room Transformation

Nalini confessed she wanted to dress this window for years, but she didn’t know exactly how...

It is a large window, with a large arch!
She wants it nice but not too formal...
something practical for the family,
and funtional since direct sunlight on furniture and screen are a problem.

The shape and size of the opening can be a bit intimidating… but, you know me, I LOVE challenge!
So, after a short consultation we came out with a plan and promptly found the right materials to make it work…
She also decided to dress the smaller windows in the living room and adjacent dining room, keeping the existing shades.
So, after a few weeks of fabrication, here are the results:
Casual, yet elegant these valances bring softness into the room.
Nalini picked a beautiful gold and chocolate cord that beautifuly highlights the shapes and bring the valances out from the wall. Even though the shape of the other windows was different, using the same fabric and trim makes the set unified and harmonious.

Warm and inviting, this room is ready to celebrate family time!

A Darling Corner

I’ve been working on a corner window cornice box…

The trick here is to get the right pattern placement at the corner so the design aligns and “continues” around the corner.

I love this “Arboretum” design from P. Kaufmann! 
And the coordinating cording delineates the box beautifully

I'll be also making new taupe flat shades for these windows
Can’t wait to see it all installed!

Stripe Pillows Done

We decided to go with a combination of kaleidoscope design, with gathered welt and button tufting throw pillows for Ruth’s guest room.

We are also made a bolster for the bed, with a gathered center piece.

and lumbar pillow for the chair, incorporating on both the same trim that goes on the shades to tie it all together.

Here it is!???

I thought keeping my treasured chair at the studio would inspire me to take on more upholstery projects

Problem is…
some days it looks like this... LOL!

Stripe Style

Ruth asked me to make some pillows for her guest room using two fabrics: a stripe and a floral.  I am also making roman shades with the floral fabric to go with existent duvet, shams and chair.  
Here are some ideas. Let’s see what she picks…


  I've been busy busy making outdoor cushions and pillows for the last few weeks, but the last patio project was a pair of canopies.

Construction with outdoor fabric was a little trickier than it might look, but at the end it worked beautifully.

 And print is gorgeous, isn't it?

Sunny days, we are ready!

Chair done!

After all the prep and suspense… my chair is finally complete!
On the final upholstery class, I finally got to the part where I get the fabric on.
I found a beautiful distressed floral that goes great with the colors in my living room… and also in the sewing studio…hhhmmm I am not sure where is she going to live.

So here's what happened at the last session:

I went old school using nails to attach the fabric to the chair's frame... and I had to juggle a bit to strike a balance between tension and stretch while keeping the fabric straight.

To add interest (and cover nails and other imperfections) I finished edges with a double welt.

Now this chair is D-O-N-E
and I feel pretty good about it, especially since this was my first project of this kind.

I have to admit at the very begining I wasn't very sure about the shape of the chair, neither about the fabric... but as I worked on it the whole thing grew on me and now I can say

I just Love my chair!

Back to School...part V

OK, I am finally ready to reupholster the seat!  
Thankfully, the webbing and springs are in good condition so I’ll skip re-doing them. (I hope that helps me catch up with the class after all the fussing with the wood)

So I’ll start right at the edges, some nice and fat rolls will make the chair comfy to seat on without feeling the wood under my tights.

Now, Layers! Let’s make it nice and cushioned. Some foam, lots of batting, and lastly muslin to keep it all in place, under the upholstery fabric coming up next.

This will be some good-looking and comfortable chair really soon...

I can’t wait to sit in it!

From Tired to Fabulous!


If the livingroom is getting tired, instead of changing the whole couch, you can always refresh the look of living room by tossing on some new pillows. Neutral color sofa or chairs don’t get out of date! and you can spice them up with accessories to make it look new!

…and while we are at it, we will make sure this won’t happen again

Because I always reinforce the inside of the seams with an overlook overcast!

Strong in the inside, beautiful in the outside

... for many years to enjoy.

Say What?

The worst phrase in the industry for go-go-go people like me
is: back order!
I know it happens... frecuently, but it always makes me cringe.
Why is it that the gorgeous fabrics always make you wait anyways? Ha! I guess, like the fancy ladies, the fancy fabrics are worth the wait.

Over the course of a few weeks, my client Anna patiently brought fabrics and trims to me one by one as she received them in the mail…thanks to back order.
And then I started to realize, working in increments gave me time to pause, contemplate and enjoy the process, there was no point in pushing, I wouldn’t see it all done at the end of the day… so I enjoyed looking at the stunning fabrics until all of them were ready.

Once again I made it to the happy ending. Anna loved the finished pillows, her clients loved them, and I had a good time taking it slow... I guess b.o. doesn't sound that bad after all!
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