Pillow Talk

This week I will be working on a set of pillows for a client’s living room and it really got me thinking about all the pillow projects I do that are similar to this one and how my clients seem to be divided fairly evenly between polyester and feather filling for their pillows. The choice of one filling over the other is a matter of preference.

In my experience, people choose feathers for pillow filling for esthetic purposes. Feather filled pillows need to be fluffed but perhaps offer a more full and tailored look. Generally, feather pilling is more expensive, but they will last for years.

Polyester filled pillows keep the same shape thus, do not require fluffing. However, over time, the polyester filling can become flat and may require replacing, but this is only after extended heavy use. I have noticed that some of my customers with children prefer polyester filled pillows because you can toss the pillows where ever and they still keep in shape and no filling comes out.

Me? I love ALL pillows! all shapes, all sizes, all fillings...

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