Living Room Transformation

Nalini confessed she wanted to dress this window for years, but she didn’t know exactly how...

It is a large window, with a large arch!
She wants it nice but not too formal...
something practical for the family,
and funtional since direct sunlight on furniture and screen are a problem.

The shape and size of the opening can be a bit intimidating… but, you know me, I LOVE challenge!
So, after a short consultation we came out with a plan and promptly found the right materials to make it work…
She also decided to dress the smaller windows in the living room and adjacent dining room, keeping the existing shades.
So, after a few weeks of fabrication, here are the results:
Casual, yet elegant these valances bring softness into the room.
Nalini picked a beautiful gold and chocolate cord that beautifuly highlights the shapes and bring the valances out from the wall. Even though the shape of the other windows was different, using the same fabric and trim makes the set unified and harmonious.

Warm and inviting, this room is ready to celebrate family time!

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