Say What?

The worst phrase in the industry for go-go-go people like me
is: back order!
I know it happens... frecuently, but it always makes me cringe.
Why is it that the gorgeous fabrics always make you wait anyways? Ha! I guess, like the fancy ladies, the fancy fabrics are worth the wait.

Over the course of a few weeks, my client Anna patiently brought fabrics and trims to me one by one as she received them in the mail…thanks to back order.
And then I started to realize, working in increments gave me time to pause, contemplate and enjoy the process, there was no point in pushing, I wouldn’t see it all done at the end of the day… so I enjoyed looking at the stunning fabrics until all of them were ready.

Once again I made it to the happy ending. Anna loved the finished pillows, her clients loved them, and I had a good time taking it slow... I guess b.o. doesn't sound that bad after all!

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