I am very happy this week to celebrate the conclusion of a wonderful journey with an amazing group of women. Last Wednesday I graduated from my second Women’s Initiative for Self Employment program. Women’s Initiative is a San Francisco Bay Area based non-profit whose purpose is to train and support low income women who ultimately want their dreams of owning a business realized.

Women’s Initiative has helped me immensely. In 2006 I graduated from their basic program which taught me the ins and outs of starting and running my own business. The program I graduated from this week was focused on how to grow your business.

Women’s Initiative helps women open businesses of any kind from a jewerly shop to a restaurant, no dream is too big or too small. Women’s Initiative for Self Employment is always looking for donations, sponsors, mentors or other individuals and organizations who can lend a hand and offer sound business advice. You can find out more about Women’s Initiative and how to help women like me to achieve their dreams here.

Cecile’s Attic would definitely not be what it is today without the guidance and training I got from the Women’s Initiative programs. I am very excited that Women’s Initiative is making progress to becoming a national organization. I want all women across the nation to experience the satisfaction of owning their own business and getting guidance and support they can count on.

Thank you Nika, Deb, Sonya, Kim, Nora, Jill, Zoe and Aurora! It’s been amazing working with you! Much thanks to Nicole and Yvonne for all the  hard work "behind scenes" and to all our mentors, donors and volunteers that made the Fast Track program possible and a great success!!!


  1. That's really great, Cecile, about finishing this course! Have you opened a business in SF or the SF area? Email me and let me know where it is. I'd love to visit you. Way to go!

  2. Thank you!
    and I'd love to get together... let's talk!


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