Back to school.... Part III

Ok, here’s when things turn unpredictable, scary and adventurous…
I saw the chair had a few scratches here and there and I wasn’t going to (because as always I want to see results right away) but I got talked into stripping and refinishing the wood… "you'll get it done in no time"  they asured...
OK...never done it before, so, I grabbed very detailed instructions form veteran classmates and marched to hardware store:
"Hello Trouble" greeted me one of the guys, "what are you trying to do now?"
... I guess they have me well figured out

first, I need to remove all the varnish using JASCO varnish remover
I brushed it on, waited a few minutes (until it “bubbles”)


It worked!... On the arms,
Legs and back not so well
I tried again… and again…

A few days later
I got down to the wood!
Great! I can move to the next step...

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