Shades for Wide Windows

Décor fabrics are usually 54 inches wide.
What if we want to make a shade for a window
a little wider than 54 inches?
A seam in the center would look odd...

Simple solutions:
We could make 2 shades for each window, or
add borders in a matching fabric,
or… (of course we are not going to take the easy ones;)

The Karns liked a pleated valance I made for their family room...
So, we decided to do a mix of all of it!

A pleated shade, with contrasting borders, that looks like 2 shades!

This way we hide the seams under the pleats to make the shade wider as we add some interest and definition framing the print with a solid fabric.

Can't wait to see them installed! This fabric works beautifully with their home office wall color.

Don't know if this style has a particular name, but I think is a nice solution for wide windows in a casual shape that works for almost any room.


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