Pillow Project

After reading Cecile’s post from earlier this week about feather filled pillows versus polyester filled pillows I decided to branch out and make some feather filled pillows for my couch. For all of my adult life I have made polyester filled pillows for two reasons: one, polyester pillow forms are available at nearly every big box fabric store and two, they are less expensive than feather pillow forms.

After working with Cecile for a few months now, I now know where to look and to wait for a sale or coupon before I shop. So, before I went to my local Calico Corners I found a percent off coupon towards an entire purchase which would not only help with the cost of the pillow forms but of the fabric and chording for the welt. In the end, the project was not expensive!

The face fabric is a cotton basket weave print and the back is a micro suede blue that I also made the welting with. In total, these two pillows took me an afternoon to make not including the time it took to get the fabric. So far, I am really enjoying the feather filled pillows! Feather pillows have a nice give to them and I like that I can shape them as I see fit. I am so glad I branched out and tried something new! I would highly recommend feather filled pillows for any couch.

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