How to Conquer Dancing Duvets

Want to prevent your duvet from dancing within the cover?
Here’s how I finish my custom duvet covers:

I sew a loop of ribbon in each corner of the comforter. Then I turn the duvet cover inside out and sew a couple of ties to each corner, right by the overlocked edge. While the duvet cover is still inside out, I place the duvet flat on top of the cover, align the corners, pass the ties through the loops and then, tie a bow.

This makes easier to flip the duvet cover right side out without having to reach inside to hold each corner in place. And from the outside you can’t even tell.

This is a duvet cover I just made for a boat, that's why it has flaps! Yours probably ends at the welt or knife edge. Anyways... ties always work!

Try it, I promise your duvet will stay put!


  1. I never buy duvets because I hate the way the comforter slips around inside. This is a great solution.

  2. Thanks Vicki!
    glad to share some fun tips


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