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As I was thumbing through one of the many craft books I have piled in my office I saw a pattern for a wallet made out of an old comic book. I was totally surprised that I have had this book for who knows how long and had never noticed this pattern! The book's title is "Simply sublime gifts: high-style, low-sew projects to make in a snap" by Jodi Kahn. Of course, upon seeing the pattern I knew I had to try to make the thing.

The first few times I tried to make it I was unsuccessful. I had never used iron on vinyl. I mean really, who knew there was such a thing as iron on vinyl and that it would work with paper?! So anyway, after a couple failed attempts, I think it worked out just fine. Check it out! I even got Cecile in on it!


Just in case you were wondering, this is what iron on vinyl looks if you ever need to purchase it. Most craft stores carry things like this in the same aisle as their interfacing. Once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy to use.


  1. Great idea--I will have to pick up that book. I bought some iron-on vinyl, but hadn't found a use for it yet...

  2. Thanks Sam, this is a real fun project and a quick little gift all comic lovers adore.


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