Roman Shade Rescue

As I have mentioned before, I rent and cannot paint my walls, so the way I bring color, texture, and interest into my rooms is through fabrics, carpets and framed art. Recently, I asked Cecile’s help in transforming my bare bedroom window into a centerpiece by making a relaxed shade. Of course, I didn’t ask Cecile’s help until I failed at making “easy” roman shades they advertise on DIY websites and TV shows.

Lucky for me, Cecile appreciated that I tried the project myself and offered to teach me the proper way to make a soft shade. For fabric, we re-used some old drapes I had used in a previous home and scrap fabric that Cecile had in her studio. To my surprise, roman shades are a lot more work than I thought they were! I am so glad I got help from a professional; otherwise, I would still have a bare window.

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