A Balanced Valance

Once again Marsh, the collector of 17th and 18th century textiles, came to me with a project involving her living room and one of her favorite textiles. I have worked with Marsh many times on incorporating her beloved collection throughout her home and I have to say, she has a great sense of style. She mixes antiques and functional modern pieces into her home seamlessly. This time what she needed help with was creating a valance for a large bay window in her living room out of a gorgeous 1700's atlar cloth.

The challenge? The textile Marsh wanted to use was not long enough to cover the 16 feet wide window. The largest valance I ever made!

Luckily she did have a sufficient amount of vintage silk velvet and some metallic fringe that coordinated beautifully with the main piece. So we went with that.

But we didn’t just want to make a patchwork like extension to highlight the problem. Instead we created a layered effect working the velvet in way that organically mirrors the shape of the main piece, incorporating all materials in a balanced way.

The result?

A stunning window treatment for a room just from another world…

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