As a Designer/Seamstress, Cecile is passionate about creating exquisite unique, high quality, hand finished, custom home furnishings.

From an idea, sketch or photo, she can achieve the look that fits each very individual home style.

What is Cecile’s Attic?
A specialized Custom Soft Furnishings fabricating Studio.

When did Cecile’s Attic started?
In March 2006, at my little attic apartment in San Francisco. Then I moved a couple of times to larger and larger dedicated locations as I got busier and busier. And then scaled down again to a home based biz when I became a mom (now I sneak out to my sewing room every quiet moment I have :) to actually get a bigger reach. Oh, I love sending my makings across the country and beyond!

Why does Cecile sew?
My grandmother taught me how to SEW at age 7 because I wanted to make dresses for my Barbies and furnishings for the doll house my dad made for me. No wonder I got a degree in Fashion later, I grew up in a Do-It-Yourself environment, and I LOVE to create things.

Who are Cecile’s Attic clients?
In the past 9 years I helped over 500 families achieve their dream d├ęcor. My clients are smart and discerning, they come to me with a vision because they know the kind of results that fit their life styles - no middle man needed ;)

Why working with Cecile?
My "secret sauce" is a combination of creativity, expertise, resources, fine attention to detail and good old fashion sewing techniques… in a friendly and timely manner!

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