Chair done!

After all the prep and suspense… my chair is finally complete!
On the final upholstery class, I finally got to the part where I get the fabric on.
I found a beautiful distressed floral that goes great with the colors in my living room… and also in the sewing studio…hhhmmm I am not sure where is she going to live.

So here's what happened at the last session:

I went old school using nails to attach the fabric to the chair's frame... and I had to juggle a bit to strike a balance between tension and stretch while keeping the fabric straight.

To add interest (and cover nails and other imperfections) I finished edges with a double welt.

Now this chair is D-O-N-E
and I feel pretty good about it, especially since this was my first project of this kind.

I have to admit at the very begining I wasn't very sure about the shape of the chair, neither about the fabric... but as I worked on it the whole thing grew on me and now I can say

I just Love my chair!

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