Hometown Etsy

One day, while I was casually browsing the usual craft blogs I came across a post from a woman who lives on the east coast. The post was short and simply said “I wish we had things like this out here” followed by a link to a handmade consignment store called Eni-Thing located right here in the Bay Area. Oh my goodness! I was so excited to find that the store is so close. Honestly, up until the point that I came across Eni-Thing’s website I had no idea that such a store existed offline and not at a tradeshow.

Of course, the next day, I went to the store in San Jose and was instantly charmed. Eni-Thing carries an array of handmade goodies ranging from oil paintings to earrings to any kind of bag imaginable. Check it out!


  1. thank goodness for the internet, right. connects you to people across the country ... and in your own backyard!


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